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E-Environment, S-Social, G-Governance

“DKS HRDC” is a construction material manufacturing company establishe d b y‘DKS Global ’ and the government-affiliated 'Korea Textile Development Institute (KTDI)' to supply high quality construction materials all over the world.
The parent company of ‘DKS HRDC’ is ‘DKS Global’ which was established in 1996 and started producing and supplying shoring, scaffolding, and formwork materials to RMD Kwikform. Since then, we have grown up as a trustwor thy supplier for world-renowned construction giants such as PERI, INCYE, Coates Hire, Form 700 and so on, in Asia, Australia, and Europe.
In recent years, DKS HRDC has consistently exercised sound business pr actices and has sto od for cutting-edge technology and automated facilities in our factories. With the liability of manufacturing trustworthy products to lead the world, the factories both in Korea and China are organized with modern production facilities and patented automation equipment, using only steel materials from POSCO in Korea and Boshan in Shanghai, China. DKS has its own quality management system, which undergoes quality inspection by the association, and a trustwor thy system that allows customers to receive supply without directly performing quality inspection.

By using carbon fiber, DKS HRDC has researched and developed, together with the Korea Textile Development Institute (KTDI), the ‘CFRP Plank’, which has the advantage of being stronger and lighter than the existing steel plank, to enable fast assembly and long term use at construction sites.
DKS HRDC ‘listens’ to the customers and tries its best to provide the most efficient solution for their challenges on sites. From selecting raw materials, manufacturing and to deliver to the customers, we follow systematic programs. Our ‘passion’ is to guarantee the quality and maximize the value of the customer’s assets.
Our vision is preserving the environment for the future by practicing corporate social responsibility and transparent management. It is the ef fort to pursue moral-value which is what we b elieve is the best competiveness for the future and the balance between profit and fairness are what makes the company what it is today.
We at DKS HRDC will strive for customers satisfaction and will do its utmost to reach customers targets. Based on ‘together’ oriented philosophy, DKS HRDC is obligated to provide the best profit and development for the customers.
We welcome our future customers or partners with warm heart.
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