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Mega Beam 1000

DKS Heavy Duty Shoring System

Structural shoring- light, medium and
heavy duty systems for structural support

- Maintenance for Bridge construction
- Support for Stadium steel frame
- Support for Airport steel frame
- Historical building facade retention
- Building remodeling and gantry setup
- Temporary support for City rail road
- Tunnel construction


Mega Beam is a versatile temporary modular heavy-duty propping system that can be adapted to the most demanding projects on construction sites. Its most frequent uses are the support of bridges, superstructures and ground shoring applications.

    It is one of the f astest, most efficient and v ersatile ways to provide quick support and access solutions in a wide v ariety of situations, using only two main components, the base jack and heavy-duty mega beam.

    Mega beam system allows our customers to safely, reliably and efficiently develop and complete infrastructure projects.
    This system is guaranteed to make your project safer and more productive
Australia, Sydney construction site of Brand Corp., using Mega beam. Manufacturer: DKS Global.
    INCYE construction site. New access to Cordoba Airport

In Detail

Gwangandaegyo Bridge, DL Cosn., Posco & Lotte construction site, Engineered by RMD Korea, Manufacture and Supervised: DKS Global
  • Multiple Size

    Mega beam is manufactured in eight lengths, 5400, 2700, 1800, 900, 450, 270, 90 and 15mm so a prop of any length can be created.


    Using accurate welding jigs, manufactured from high yield steel, combining maximum durability and load capacity with reduced unit weight, complete by hot dip galvanizing, eliminates corrosion and minimizes maintenance.


    1000kN massive axial load capacity and high axial stiffness. Mega Beam can be adapted to the demands of heavy formwork, cofferdams, bridge decks and more.
    Mega Beam 1000 can be used as the backbone of the bridge with minimal traffic flow disruption.
Gyeongbuk High-Speed Rail Construction site, RMD Korea, Manufacturer: DKS Global.
The Mega Beam system is engineered to minimize labor costs, increase site productivity, improve work site safety and meet the requirements of current construction and civil engineering techniques.
Mega Beam must always be used by experienced personnel and have multi-directional support.
3D model of diverse use of Mega Beams

Mega / Waler Beram Site

Ambassador Hotels Remodeling Construction site.
Mega and Waler beam has used to built pedestrian sidewalk during remodeling work.
Address: 78, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Total Length: 60m
Duration: August ~ September, 2020


DKS will not stuck in the pr esent satisfaction,
but take up the challenges f or creativity’s sake.
INCYE construction site. Aqua Hotel, Barcelona
Mega Beam temporary sections, which are robust and easy to assemble, can be used in many temporary work applications such as :

- Cofferdams
- Bridge propping and hydraulic jacking
- Facade retention
- Ground shoring and excavation support
- Construction of lifting rigs
- When used in ㅅand tunnel formwork
- Heavy duty falsework

Mega Beam Shoring-Equipment engineered to prevent excavation collapses by actively retaining soil, preventing earth movement
and protecting adjacent structures.
3D model of diverse use of Mega Beams

Can be assembled as tower as well as Pillar

Mega Beam is one of the most versatile modular shoring and propping systems with holes in both the flanges and the webs, alwa ys the systems to be built up into a number of different configurations from shoring stiff, towers. This system can be quickly and easily built of various configurations including propping and modular brace tower which is efficient for large construction like stadium, airports and others.
  • Ideal as primary beams

    Mega / Walerbeam are ideal as primary beams on shoring or scaffolding to supp ortreinforced concrete slab construction.
Mega Beam Punchings


  • mm/kg
  • in/lb
DMB5400 MB Leg 5400mm 5400mm 316.0 kg
DMB4500 MB Leg 4500mm 4500mm 266.0 kg
DMB2700 MB Leg 2700mm 2700mm 160.0 kg
DMB1800 MB Leg 1800mm 1800mm 112.0 kg
DMB0900 MB Leg 900mm 900mm 65.0 kg
DMB0450 MB Leg 450mm 450mm 45.0 kg
DMB0270 MB Leg 270mm 270mm 35.0 kg
DMB0090 MB Leg 90mm 90mm 25.0 kg
DMB0015 MB Leg 15mm E/P 15mm 10.0 kg
DMB5400 MB Leg 5400mm 212.6 in 696.7 lb
DMB4500 MB Leg 4500mm 177.2 in 586.4 lb
DMB2700 MB Leg 2700mm 106.3 in 352.7 lb
DMB1800 MB Leg 1800mm 70.9 in 246.9 lb
DMB0900 MB Leg 900mm 35.4 in 143.3 lb
DMB0450 MB Leg 450mm 17.7 in 99.2 lb
DMB0270 MB Leg 270mm 10.6 in 77.2 lb
DMB0090 MB Leg 90mm 3.5 in 55.1 lb
DMB0015 MB Leg 15mm E/P 0.6 in 22.0 lb


    Screw Jack 100Ton
    Code DSJ 100TON
    Product Screw Jack 100Ton
    Description 400×660mm
    Weight 66kg
    Brace Plate
    Code DMB 02
    Product Brace Plate
    Description 500×500mm
    Weight 60kg
    Rocking Head
    Code DMB 03
    Product Rocking Head
    Description 300×248mm
    Weight 47kg
    Push Pull Tilt Plate
    Code DMB 04
    Product Push Pull Tilt Plate
    Description -
    Weight 49kg
    Jack Plate
    Code DMB 05
    Product Jack Plate
    Description 290×290×40mm
    Weight 26kg
    End Plate
    Code DMB 06
    Product End Plate
    Description 290×290mm
    Weight 9.5kg
    Hydraulic Unit
    Code DMB 07
    Product Hydraulic Unit
    Description 400×610mm
    Weight 137kg
    Mega Truss Node
    Code DMB 08
    Product Mega Truss Node
    Description -
    Weight 49kg

Test Report

NO Max load(kN) Result Remark
Test 1 1894(190t) No changes
in sample
Test 2 1894(190t) No changes
in sample
Test 3 1898(190t) No changes
in sample
* The maximum load capacity of the machine was 2000kN, But the load machine automatically stopped on the above load for safery.

Mega Beam1000

  • Mega Beam Technical Data

    Mega Beam is ideal for the Building and refurbishment market, this is one of the most v ersatile mo dular shoring and propping systems available in the world.
    Using a lar ge range of of f-the-shelf components with holes in b oth the flanges and the webs, allows the systems to be built up into a numb er of different configurations.
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